written by Nadya Ershova

If you follow this blog at all, you know how much I like second hand clothes! I shop at the Salvation Army and at Renaissance all the time, and I have almost given up first hand shopping. At some point it even made me think I am special…but recently I have realized that second hand stuff is more trendy than I thought! In fact, modern fashionistas wear second hand enthusiastically.

While shopping at Renaissance I often see trendy dressed girls with big piles of clothes in their shopping carts. It is always a huge temptation for me to look inside the carts to see what they have found and what I have missed.
In my fashion blog on Chictopia I made a poll “Do you like second hand stores?”. Here are the results I got:

  • 48% – Yes, it is cheap to shop!
  • 52% – Yes, a perfect place for inspiration
  • 0% – No, do not like to wear used clothing
  • 0% – No, I like only new things

As we see, the second hand stuff has been well adopted by the trendy wardrobes.

One of my favorite fashion blogs is Hel Looks, a blog about street fashion in Helsinki, Finland. The Finnish fashionistas often dress in second hand; for me, they are an unlimited source of fashion inspiration!

Let me show you my ten favorite Hel Looks.

Suvi, 23
“I’m wearing a Sfera hat and skirt from Spain, a Vila jacket and second hand boots.
I like hats, hoods, reddish and down-to-earth colours and interesting details like the sleeves on my jacket.”

Stephanie, 26
“The dress, the hat and the jacket are vintage, the shoes are a gift from my mother and I knitted the scarf I’ve knitted myself. I like old clothes, the 60s is definitely my favorite decade. Frida Kahlo, Patti Smith and the women’s rights movement inspire me.”

Sandra, 24
“I have a thing about vintage dresses. It’s harder and harder to find good vintage, but there are still good addresses in Paris and London where I shop. I don’t want to look like everyone else. I like fashionable clothes but with a twist. The film Gone with the Wind and the decades from the 50’s till the 70’s inspire me. Coco Chanel and Sonia Rykiel have always been my favourite designers.”

Jeonga, 30
“I love primary colours. They make everyone happy. Now I’m wearing second hand which I’ve bought in Australia and in Finland. The hat, the socks and the scarf I bought at UFF yesterday. I mostly buy second hand, because it’s unique, fun and cheap.”

Anna, 23
“The cape is from Vintage Ansa and it’s also called Anna. The beanie is a gift from a friend, the scarf is self-made, the pullover and the bag are second hand. I like nude, beige and other down-to-earth colours. I like loose, comfortable and droopy clothes like big pullovers.”

Jade, 21
“Today I have a black day. I’m wearing a hat from Vintage Ansa, a Weekday dress, shoes from Zio and a Fjällräven backbag. Right now I’m inspired by the colour orange and my pink hair colour.”

Anna-Sofia, 20
“I made the vest out of an old men’s shirt. The high platforms are handy when standing in the festival crowd. I like brim hats, straw hats, cropped t-shirts with high-waisted jeans, capes, knits and layers.”

Meeri, 23
“I just came from Barcelona where I accidentally found a store called Me and My Bitch. I bought 10 things, including this shirt and pants. The handbag is my grandmother’s old. I like vintage, especially the 50s. I appreciate ethic production, naturalness and handicraft in clothes.”

Annika, 21
“I’m wearing a vintage hat from Beyond Retro in Stockholm, a vintage Max Mara coat and shoes from Lilly. I like soft and comfortable clothes. I couldn’t live without hats and other accessories. Italian movies from the 50s and the 60s inspire me.”

Molla, 32
“I’m wearing a second hand shirt and a self-made skirt and bag. To celebrate Ofelia market I added some steam punk inspiration like brown colours and the magnifying glass necklace from Sofia. Crocheting inspires me. My style often resembles an urban commando, with men’s trousers and combat boots. I would like to wear more 50s elements though.”

What inspires you?