written by Nadya Ershova

Hey, guys, how are you! Feeling good? Spring is all around! It is time to wear high heels, pretty coats and decorate yourself with chic accessories! Speaking of which – what is your favorite one?

This spring my number one accessory is a detachable collar. It is also one of the hottest accessories of the season. You may see it on the pages of the Vogue magazine and around the necks of popular fashion bloggers. Being an outstanding piece on its own, the collar also helps to update an outfit or give it a new twist. But do you need to buy it in a regular store? And pay a pretty penny? Of course not! It is very easy to make one out of an outdated shirt or from a shirt from a thrift store!

I did one myself, and the whole process took me only one evening! It required as little as a blouse, scissors, and a thread with a needle!

First of all I spent some time searching for a proper blouse at Renaissance, my favorite second hand store. I was looking for an item with a laced collar without buttons. Look what I found, a perfect one!

It was easy to cut off the collar along the seam where it was attached to the blouse.
I took scissors with sharp ends and carefully poked the fabric. While cutting I followed the seam.

I also cut off two buttons from the blouse to make a collar fastener.

I attached one button on each end of the collar and sew a button loop.

And that’s it! The fancy lace collar is ready to wear – and it cost me as little as $5! If I bought one at a regular store, it would have cost me at least $35.

A friend of mine got really enthusiastic about DIY collars and made three of them! The first two are really fancy; they are embroidered with pearls which Marina got by taking apart old beads (check the collars out here and here). She also made a third minimalistic collar out of a man’s shirt which she bought at Village Des Valeurs. Marina decided not to decorate it and gave it to me as a present. I wear it with a beige coat.

Marina used the same approach that I described above.

As you can see it is very simple to make this trendy accessory!
The only limit is your imagination!